Gett is setting the standard for quality by becoming the first major taxi app to provide carbon neutral rides in the UK. Don’t just cab it, offset it.

“At Gett, we strive to offer the best quality of service and part of this is to ensure our customer that their ride is carbon neutral” – Matteo de Renzi, Gett’s UK CEO.

As a business, our mission is to reduce the CO2 we are producing. Our technology substantially reduces emissions by lowering ‘dead mileage‘, the distance each taxi does before picking up a fare. Furthermore, we are continuing to support the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles across UK cities.

Where emissions cannot be reduced in the short term, we have committed to offsetting the carbon produced by both our private and business rides. We’ve partnered with EcoAct Ltd., who will offset the carbon our rides produce into various accredited and recognised projects in developing countries. Read more about the projects here.

We are also giving our London black cab customers the opportunity to ride ‘carbon positive‘, simply by paying 20p extra per ride. These additional funds will not only contribute to further carbon offsetting projects, but will also be donated to the 12 central London schools identified in the Mayor of London’s school air quality audit programme. By simply selecting Gett Green in the app, you can make the choice to ride positive.