Here at Gett, we are keen to do our part towards creating a cleaner, greener future – one ride at a time. Climate change is one of the most significant global threat facing the planet today, so moving our impact from negative to neutral (or better still) positive is key for us.

That’s why we have partnered with EcoAct, to offset the annual carbon emissions produced by all rides across the UK into various accredited and recognised projects. This means all Gett rides are now carbon neutral.

With the support of EcoAct and their expertise on sustainability solutions, which not only help tackle climate change but also generate environmental and social benefits amongst some of the most vulnerable communities, we have chosen two meaningful carbon offset projects.

Wind Power Generation in India (certified to VCS)

This bundle of wind power projects based in various states is located in an area of India that has traditionally been reliant on fossil fuel generated electricity. About 70% of India’s electricity is generated by fossil fuels but wind is playing an increasing role in the generation mix. These projects play a part in India’s shift towards a low carbon economy.

The Madre de Dios Project: Peruvian Amazon

The Madre de Dios project dramatically reduces deforestation and the threat of moving communities and illegal logging anticipated with the new road by increasing surveillance in the area and establishing sustainable forest management in the certified timber concessions. Consequently, the project preserves the habitat of 35 endangered and tribal communities who rely on the forest for their survival.

If you’re keen to know more about our commitment to reducing the CO2 we produce, and how you can help us support further air quality projects in London, you can read more here.