Understanding the true cost of travel


Any company of any size should be concerned with how efficient their data handling is. On 20 February, 2019 at the Business Travel Show in London, Lina Margolin, Gett’s VP Business Solutions in UK will talk about how companies can understand the true cost of ground transportation.

Ground transportation costs organisations trillions of dollars every year. But unlike almost every other cost centre, it is little understood and often out of control expense.


Smooth-running finance


There are vast possibilities over the Big Data horizon, and sophisticated tech should improve the experience of business travel for the client – from booking to expensing.  


Finance teams will be well aware of the time wasted by slow expense filing: none of the major problems highlighted in this study will be a surprise. (The standout being that the average business takes about nine days to process an employee expense claim.) One solution is an internal automated system, which can in theory cut complications by up to 36%.


Internal systems


It’s a laborious process beset by human error, but there are alternatives. Internal systems can smooth the process, but they still require input from multiple sources. It’s a different question when companies themselves can process and file the expenses created by employee travel – all in one system – cutting the time and labour costs for finance teams who have a fair few things on their plates.


All-in-one booking solution


Gett Business Solutions all-in-one booking platform, built on smart data handling with a clear and user-friendly system, could  not only provide the booking platform but also collate and manage every expense that would otherwise need to file separately. It simplifies the process from booking through to expensing, with no wasted time for your company’s finance team.


Business travel for business minds


Data, harnessed properly, is a vital timesaving tool for what can otherwise be slow and costly processes.


At Gett Business Solutions, we’ve developed our own bespoke Data Lake system that joins together data from mobile apps (drivers/clients) with data from dozens of microservices. The end result is simple: to make travel as efficient and painless as possible for our clients.


Request a demo at contact.uk@gett.com or visit our Gett Business Solutions website for more details.