Why the new changes?

One Transport became a part of Gett UK in 2016 and continued to operate under the One Transport identity. As part of our mission to offer a truly seamless, best in class, global ground transport experience, we are aligning the best of all our platforms together under the Gett brand identity.

What will happen to my One Transport contract?

Rest assured, there will be no changes to your current contract, as the legal entity operating the service remains One Transport Ltd.

Who is providing the service?

This is also unchanged. UK clients will be making a booking with One Transport which will be fulfilled to the same high standards by one of our partners around the world.

What will happen to all my previous bookings?

There will be no change to the way that you make bookings or use the system. All of the data and future bookings that you have stored within the system will remain as they are. The only changes will be to the colour schemes inline with the Gett brand.

What will happen to all my previous invoices?

There will be no change to invoicing and payment terms will remain exactly the same as per your contract.

Will the web portal URL change?

The web portal URL is: http://uk-enterprise.gett.com Please use the same username and password as before, where you can also reset your password should you need.

What happens if I don’t download the latest app version?

You and your team will still be able to book rides with your existing version. However,

we encourage all customers to keep their app updated to the latest version for the best performance.

Any other questions?

Please contact our dedicated account team at contact.uk@gett.com