Here, at Gett, we believe that each and every input matters.
We work in an environment where high ethical business standards and innovations are highly fostered, forward-thinking culture is actively used and pioneering spirit is prized.

This is what helps us and our employees grow professionally.

This year our R&D team decided to engage the whole company and provide each and every person with an opportunity to make an impact by organizing a “Hackathon”.


Each employee with a next killer feature idea submits it to the idea pool, which is then shared with our R&D department.
If the idea is selected, the employee gets paired with a team to try and implement a prototype during the Hackathon.
In other words – one gets to become a product manager of the 2 days startup.


What qualifies as an idea?

At Gett, all ideas are welcome!
More points are awarded to the ideas which have a real impact on the company. It’s not only about new features – it’s also about making something more efficient.
This year we have many more capabilities in the R&D organization to solve data-driven challenges by using AI technologies and the company is challenging everyone to leverage their abilities.



On March 7, a jury of 3 will select the 10 best prototypes based on value, time-to-market feasibility and a technological elegance. The 10 selected teams will present to the entire company and the winner will be selected by equal voting of all Gett employees.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 7th of March.

In addition, product managers will choose 3 ideas (not necessarily the winners ) out of 10 and put them in the product roadmap with high priority!

Hackathon 2018