Interview with Gett UK CEO, Matteo de Renzi, is featured in May/June issue of BBT (Buying Business Travel) magazine.

Throughout the interview, Matteo talks about the importance of the corporate sector and how the business travel market remains a key point of company’s focus.

He introduces the new SME self-service with 24/7 support from the London call-centre and points out that while London remains Gett’s biggest market, the company is present in more than 22 other cities in the UK, including Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Coventry.

Furthermore, Matteo brings up the driverless (autonomous) vehicles, stating that the Gett app will service a convoy of such vehicles, that will use pre-determined routes along dedicated lanes. This technology will help to avoid most pinch-points in London, and the peak-hour journey will last about 15 minutes, instead of current 45. While this technology is still far from being implemented, it is not as far-fetched as it initially seemed.

What’s more, Mr. Renzi mentioned the recent investment of $300 million from Volkswagen, which suggests that further European expansion is not far away.

Gett is already available in more than 100 cities, with over 12,000 loyal business clients worldwide and is oriented towards continuous growth.

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Interview with Matteo De Renzi