Did you know that, in a study of the top 10 uses for a mobile phone, making a call is way down on the list at 6th place! Sending and receiving messages is now the number 1 use of our smartphones.

We all know how much of a pain it is to wait on hold when you need to speak with a company and research has shown that we spend almost 2 months over our lifetimes on hold.

Think about all you could accomplish in that time; enjoy a nice long holiday, finally catch up on those box-sets you’ve been meaning to watch or even complete a short course.
There’s so much we need to do during the day that wasting this kind of time can be really frustrating.

The question is: are there alternatives to calling? You’ve probably seen those pop up online boxes asking if you’d like to speak to a live agent to help with your query but you’re again restricted by having to be on your laptop and on their webpage waiting for a response from what could be a bot.

Live Chat- our latest feature

Here at Gett we’re always thinking of ways to make life easier for our customers and drivers using the latest technology to connect us all together and provide a seamless ground transportation service. With that in mind we’ve recently released an in-app live chat feature that is 100% manned by real people in our contact center and who can help you with any request that you would have previously had to call for; an ETA on your taxi, the cab details, a refund etc.

You can access the chat through the Customer Care tab on your Gett app and will be instantly connected with one of our highly skilled and friendly agents (just make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Gett).


Live person chat accessible via Gett app

You don’t even have to stay in the app as you’ll get an on-screen notification once our agent has responded and they’ll give you notice if they need to investigate something that will take longer than a few minutes.

Once your query has been resolved you can also rate the chat experience which we use to continue to improve this new touchpoint.
So if you’ve got a query – start live chatting!