The corporate world is evolving at an incredible pace. As business needs shift, with higher expectations, as well as greater globalization and consequently increased logistical complexity, B2B service providers are hard pressed to keep up.


As a result of these developments, any global corporate ground travel solution that wants to remain competitive needs to improve the user experience at all levels, while also providing full visibility and control.


One World, One Solution


Today, companies don’t just want a car, they want an end-to-end solution that is friendly and hassle free and can provide them with a panoramic overview of their business travel. They need one, unified process for all of a their global operations with a single reliable, flexible tool that  enables them to work with any partner they wish.


One company that has recognized this need is Gett Business Solutions, which has been working to upgrade their offering to deliver a global solution that provides personal service full accountability,  security and reliability. The company’s services are available in 6,000 cities in 135 countries, and they can be accessed at a click via the company’s web portal or mobile app.


In an era of instant gratification and fierce competition, Gett Business Solutions appears to be facing the logistical challenges of international ground travel head on.  Gett provides companies with a 360˚ view of their entire travel operation, with full tracking and reporting. It helps businesses implement a travel policy, create permissions for numerous employees, locally and internationally, find reputable drivers, make bookings simply and easily and benefit from a single monthly invoice, without a mass of receipts.


Because Choice is Everything


Nowadays,  businesses are looking for solutions with the flexibility and the versatility to enable them to tailor the service to meet their specific needs.  They demand complete freedom of choice.


Here too, Gett Business Solutions is expanding their offering to address the developing needs of their corporate client-base. The company’s  system can integrate with any partner the client chooses, world over. Users can select from a wide array of cars, including taxis, PHV’s and bespoke vehicles, in a variety of sizes. They can pre-book, or order cars on-demand, while choosing between standard, executive and chauffeur services.


Gett has also entered into a partnership with Carey International,  which offers a high end chauffeur experience in over 1,000 cities worldwide. This collaboration enables Gett to offer even greater choice with a respected car service that offers an excellent user experience.  


Shifting into High Gear




Ground travel service providers need to keep setting the bar higher by consistently offer wider choice,  greater availability, simpler, smarter technology and the highest quality service.


Gett Business Solutions has managed to meet this challenge by prioritizing quality above all else. They have forged relationships with reputable partners, and use only professional drivers, who are highly valued team members, enabling them to meet the exacting standards of their global clientele.


In a rapidly shifting dynamic global economy, the only way for ground travel service providers to  succeed is to think globally, to keep moving and evolving, and continuously improve their solutions. This is good news for businesses and the industry as a whole,  as we can all forward to an overall rise in service standards and exciting, new, technological innovations.


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