With KFC maintaining its presence in the headlines as the chicken shop that ‘ran out of chicken’, there is no doubt exec boards everywhere are taking an anxious look at their own suppliers and infrastructure.

The question on everyone’s lips has to be: ‘what would happen if we ran out of chicken?’

The second question on everyone’s lips has to be; how did KFC, the multi-billion dollar, global franchise, that has been established for over 65 years allow one of its key markets to be brought to its knees by a logistical error?

Well, KFC looked at its existing supply chain, that seemed to be working perfectly well, and made a change anyway. As a result of striving to improve, it categorically failed.

It would be easy for businesses to see this situation as a reason to never change anything ever again, but where would that leave us in terms of progress? Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs failed before they succeeded: Richard Branson, Bill Gates and even Colonel Sanders himself had his chicken recipe rejected over 1000 times (back when he had chicken of course).

Businesses have to be agile to succeed. They have to be able to make changes and show flexibility – having the best possible suppliers and supply chains plays a crucial role in this. Without making changes in this area, there is no way of knowing if things could be better.

There is an abundance of buyer choice in every part of the supply chain, and it is this level of choice that can be used to minimise risk. However, it is no secret that using a sole supplier saves huge amounts of time and increases efficiency.

A prime example of having the best of both worlds, is the One Transport platform, from Gett for Business. This digital ground transport solution shows us how to benefit from the comforts and accountability of using one sole supplier, such as:


·      Consolidation of varying ground transport needs and services

·      Amalgamated invoices on a weekly or monthly basis

·      Real time MI, reporting and tracking

·      Dedicated account management

·      Personalised travel policies


Whilst enjoying the security and flexibility that is usually associated with a much wider supply pool, such as:


·      Global reach

·      Access to multiple fleets of varying vehicle types

·      Expertise in every area of ground transport provision from, driver training and vehicle checking, through to the latest tech developments and integration options

·      24/7 contact centres and technical support

·      Unrivalled quality of service from drivers carefully selected for each job


Companies have to make changes to enable growth, but change doesn’t have to go hand in hand with risk, by making suppliers accountable for delivering choice, flexibility and security  –  no one ever has to run out of chicken again!

Gett for Business knows how to ensure you get your "chicken"