On Wednesday, 17.03.2018, Gett held a Hackathon contest began with its R&D,  Product and UX teams forming into work groups to design projects based on ideas submitted by Gett employees.

Over 20 groups were formed and teams started by sketching their implementation plans and presenting them to the jury.

Gett Hackathon teams sketching their designs

The Gett Hackathon jury consisted of:

Judges of Gett Hackathon

The jury selected 10 best ideas based on the following criteria:

  1. Value for Gett- 40%
  2. Time to market- 40%
  3. Technical elegance- 20%

This year marked AI as the main technological direction for the company. Therefore, the preference was given to data-driven ideas.

The Best Hackathon Ideas

Some of the ideas that were shortlisted included:

  • A “one tap ride’ for frequent riders.
  • A ride, financed by the user but sent to someone else (family/guest/customer).
  • Recommended future orders to drivers, based on AI technology.
  • Voice control of drivers app – interact with the app without looking – simply by listening and speaking.
  • Allow business clients to book recurring rides based on suggestions.
  • Allow drivers to choose trips by creating a new benefit: “Pick a Ride”.

All employees of Gett were asked to vote for the 3 best ideas. These were:

  1. 1st place- “Sharing is Caring”
  2. 2nd place- “Predict destination”
  3. 3rd place- “Voice control”

Sharing is Caring -the winning team!

Sharing is Caring- the idea behind the winning feature

The winning team’s idea was based on supporting data that proves a sufficient amount of orders are made for someone else :

Current functionality does not allow a secondary user to have control of the app, so the main user has to be available to check ride details, forward them on, answer any questions the driver may have, and so on.


The team saw a potential opportunity to optimize the current user experience, and reach new segments of the market, hopefully encouraging more people to use Gett.

We think this is going to be a really a cool feature will help our business clients order rides for their own clients and guests, as well as improving the user experience for our private riders.

What’s next?

Now the R&D team will choose 3 projects from the 10 best ideas to include in the Roadmap and implement as a new feature for Gett application.


Stay tuned to find out what Gett’s next innovation will be!

Gett judges looking for ideas