Gett has established global B2B leadership in corporate transportation across multiple countries, trusted by more than 12,000 corporations globally. There are various reasons for that, mainly our Service Offering and Total Cost of Ownership.

Our unique TCO proposition is that we save both time and money for our business clients. As a part of our TCO offering, we specialize in top-notch technology, providing not a single service, but total transportation solution.

Gett was built on a simple idea – if you treat drivers better, they will in turn, deliver the highest quality rides to our passengers. We use only the best drivers: 100% legal, operating within the regulatory frameworks, trained to stand up to our standards.

We provide fixed fares that not only lock in the price but also beat the meter in most of our locations. Per trip Gett’s rides are up to 40% cheaper than ordinary cab circuits.

Gett' TCO

Gett’s distinct business model reduces anxiety and risk by offering no run-in costs, no surge pricing, and Exclusive fixed rates for longer journeys. Our decision to eliminate run-ins, makes Gett a more affordable mean of ground transportation. Research shows that on average our competitors charge a fixed fare that is 10% higher. Furthermore, Gett only activates the meter when arriving at the pickup spot, saving our clients on average 12%.

We offer savings time spent on issue resolutions by utilizing 24/7 online complaints and feedback function directly via the platform and using our back office.

Before signing with us, one of our UK clients had been utilizing 15 individual car contracts with both taxi and car suppliers with varying rates across all suppliers. Additionally, the company was involved in time-consuming and expensive internal ground transportation management. We offered the following solution- to migrate full responsibility for management and logistics to Gett Enterprise, introduce the all-in-one web ordering platform, allowing the client to close their call center. Access to real-time data provided visibility of their entire service provision for the first time, allowing time-saving and better control of the budget. As a result, Client reported 200 hours estimated productivity savings per month with £1.5 average saving per ride in cab waiting time.

Our TCO offering

Another feature which offers great benefit to clients is our ride-optimization offering. Automatic real-time location and destination search ‘matches’ suitable bookings and sends a request to the originator recommending ridesharing  – eliminating surplus bookings. Our of our clients saved £300,000 just in our year of using this feature.

Gett for Business includes the Travel Policy feature, which allows to set hours of travel, allotted budget per employee, reason for travel and more.

According to the recent research, conducted by Cabfind, it takes on average 10 mins to process a receipt -1 hour per employee per month. With our centralized billing system, you get 1 invoice automatically in the end of month, eliminating the need for secondary expensing.

Also, when it comes to tipping, even though the rider might be generous, It goes on the expense of the company. In Gett for Business app, we don’t allow tipping, we already pay our drivers well.
When working with vendors, we ensure booking from the most cost-efficient vendor based on the location . All in all, Gett is a living proof that innovation and cutting-edge technology can be safe, fast and legal.

Cutting-edge technology is a part of Gett's TCO