Love it or hate it, there is no escaping the fact Valentine’s day is upon us.

On February 14th over 1 billion cards are expected to be exchanged around the world, 35 million heart shaped boxes of chocolates are set to be sold and 22 million marriage proposals are likely to be made.

With more and more countries choosing to participate in the traditional Valentine’s customs every year (that largely originated in the UK, USA and Italian regions) you may be surprised to hear that it isn’t actually sweethearts who receive the most cards, it’s teachers!

According to global statistics, teachers are the most loved group of people on Valentine’s day, followed by children, then mothers, wives, sweethearts and finally pets! In fact 3% of all pet owners purchase a card or a gift for their beloved animals.

Valentine's Day with Gett

At Gett we have decided to celebrate Valentine’s day by acknowledging those who are most special to us – our customers! We wanted to take this opportunity to literally ‘share the love’ with those whose loyalty and appreciation we are grateful for on a daily basis by saying thank you for choosing to travel with us.

We believe that the most successful relationships are built on trust and understating, which is why customer feedback is the driving force behind all of technological developments and service improvements. We only want to build things that will make life easier for those using our services, ultimately saving them time and money, and providing a car service that can be truly loved by our passengers, and those making travel arrangements on behalf of someone else.

Our Travel Policy options put customers in charge of this relationship, they can set their own rules and remain in complete control of how their ground transportation works, then just sit back and relax while we make it happen.

Of course it isn’t just on Valentine’s day that we think of our customers- it is all day everyday. Today just seemed like the perfect opportunity to say: “Thank you!”.

Here is how you can show your loved ones you genuinely care about them- refer them to enjoy Gett for Business priority service.Happy Valentine's!